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111:  Alison Udall and the Mormon Spectrum

111: Alison Udall and the Mormon Spectrum

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 1.04.41 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-30 at 1.05.07 PMAlison Udall and her project partners Steve Holbrook and Jason Howard have been busily putting together a website or a compendium of resources for Mormons wherever they  are in their faith journey.  From Orthodox Mormons to post-Mormons the Mormon Spectrum project assembles links to books, podcasts, blogs and websites (of which there are many) bringing them together in one place for those searching for a Mormon something to suit.

In addition Alison shares her personal story of a family in faith crisis, a disaffected husband, her own desire to belong in communities that found her increasingly problematic, and her final letting go.  Not that she doesn’t consider herself Mormon in many ways.  Rather this project is testament to the fact that she  maintains a  passionate concern for all Mormons wherever they might be in their faith life to find their place and find each other.


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  1. Jean Bodie

    Great interview – interesting to find out more of Alison’s back story and motivation behind The Mormon Spectrum.
    This would have been the ideal website for me 9 years ago when I was spinning my wheels and finding myself in a similar situation to Alison’s husband, though still a Christian at that time. I could have found exactly the right ‘temporary homes’ for myself on my journey.

  2. Jimney Cricket

    To the producers – I think it should be compulsory to include pictures of the guests when they were young. Just to compare hairstyles. It would go a long way into uncovering their story. Just saying.

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  5. janene

    I am so sorry that Alison felt like her friends turned away from her, she was one of my closest friends and I loved her, I miss her friendship very much, however, I felt like her and Jordan pulled away from us. I am glad that she has found peace and happiness.

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