344: Mormon Divorce: Les Butterfield

‘Divorce’ by Gerard Van Der Leun at Flckr

Not all Mormon marriages are doomed, but some are. When divorce happens acrimoniously it’s never a better time to observe the LDS church’s position on the wellbeing of women and children.  

The wife of a physician and the mother of four children Lesley felt that she was fulfilling ‘the measure of her creation’ until she found herself fleeing from abuse.   However, the involvement of church leaders, that Mormon divorce often requires, complicated financial, legal, relationship and spiritual matters again and again.

Les Butterfield joins me to discuss the pastoral care (or the inadequacy of it) when her own marriage was in free fall. 



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  1. K. A.

    A really important topic that many may be intimidated to speak out about. Women are continually the bearers of the burden when it comes to the abusive traumas that are only perpetuated by a very broken system that has no business interfering in a situation like this. This is representative of so many stories of women experiencing divorce in the church.

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