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342:  Polynesian Musings on White Supremacy:  Maoputasi Young

342: Polynesian Musings on White Supremacy: Maoputasi Young

Photo Credit ‘Klaquettes’ by French Polynesia @Flickr

In the wake of Joanna Brook’s book that starkly presented a case for Mormon white supremacy, Samoan Mormon, Tasi Young, BYU alumna and die-hard Cougars fan wrote to the Salt Lake Tribune asking for the name of BYU to be changed sparking an important conversation among the Mormon Polynesian community.

What has been the effect of Mormon White Supremacy on Polynesians/Pasifika peoples?

Two Afakasi (half-castes), (Tasi a Samoan and Gina who is  Maori) ponder what it means to be Polynesian/Pasifika in a white supremacist church.

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  1. Ray

    This was an interesting perspective. The church has a lot of work to do and so many of the messages really resonated and made me mourn with you. But the description appears misleading: Tasi is described as a Samoan Mormon but freely states he hasn’t read the BoM in years and references the LDS church as other. Gina and Tasi end up ranting and making really broad points like, why are mormon temples so big like great and spacious buildings? Lots to unpack and good topics to discuss more of.

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