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318:  An Atheist’s Enthusiasm for The Mormons:  David Fitzgerald

318: An Atheist’s Enthusiasm for The Mormons: David Fitzgerald

David’s book ‘The Complete Heretic’s Guide to Western Religion:  The Mormons’ is not your usual snipe at faith that Atheists can bore you with.   His history of the Mormons is straight-shooting without being unfeeling; it’s efficient without cutting too many corners, and it leaves one feeling both impressed and rightly appalled at the faith that gave us the ‘Family’s Can Be Together Forever’ and a disciplinary culture that would make God blush.

David Fitzgerald and I are unlikely conversations partners; me a theologian and spiritual formation enthusiast and he an avowed atheist. But, it’s one that seems to work well because we both have an appreciation for the absurd.  And Mormonism is brimming with absurdities. 

Mormon history, as it turns out,  makes its people seriously interesting.

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  1. David

    I can so related.
    I’m totally a Mormon Atheist, I think.
    But I still find myself praying and believing.
    It’s a nice cosmology that Mormonism has to offer.

    I’m Mormon, I know it, I love it, I live it, right??

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