311: The General Conference Fall-Out: Sara Hughes-Zabawa and Carrie Salisbury

Photo Credit: ‘Confusion|Moss 2015’ Erik @Flkr CC

For most Mormons, General Conference is a happy interruption to the general business of running their stakes and wards.  Twice a year members get to take a couple of days off from running things in order to enjoy being lead.   It’s also a time where the general church body gets to hear about any important announcements, to raise their hands in support of the officers and leaders and to be instructed.

For most people, it’s a pleasant ritual.  

But General Conference over the years has become less straightforward, particularly for women. Sara Hughes-Zabawa a licensed mental health worker, and Carrie Salisbury, a board member and moderator at Exponent II share their reflections on the General Conference fall out.



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