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080: Kendall Wilcox & Jon Hastings – Broadening the LGBT Discourse

080: Kendall Wilcox & Jon Hastings – Broadening the LGBT Discourse

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.54.29 AMSometimes Mormon discourses about LGBT issues and concerns are bound by myopic boundaries
and shallow discussions.  In this episode, film producers Kendall Wilcox and Jon Hastings discuss the purpose of their film project ‘Far Between’ which has thus far captured the stories of over 300 participants.  These individual stories show just how complex, paradoxical, and different each person’s story actually is.   Far Between and Kendall’s  Circle of Empathy Project challenge all of us to think beyond questions of sex, to the personal, human, diverse, painful, loving stories of those who are grappling to make sense of their sexuality. The struggle to construct empathic discourses around LGBT concerns in a religion that has often been so bound up in a single story of sexuality means that it is time to have very real and  humanizing conversations about what it means to be gay and Mormon.


Link to the Far Between Movie site

Link to Circles of Empathy site


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