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065: Liz and Pete Cammock:  Riffing on this Mormon moment with a feminist and her former Bishop, Kiwi husband

065: Liz and Pete Cammock: Riffing on this Mormon moment with a feminist and her former Bishop, Kiwi husband

It gives me great pleasure to introduce my former Bishop’s, wife Liz Crombie, and her husband Peter Cammock!Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.23.26 AM


Mormonism has the potential to bring people together to have powerful and profound conversations and both as my Bishop couple while we were newly married and later as friends, Pete and Liz have stood out to me as faithful members of the church who are also nuanced, thoughtful, questioning and singularly unafraid of hard conversations.  Its for this reason they have gained the immense respect of Mormons all over New Zealand.


Liz has served a mission, she has been every auxiliary president, gospel doctrine teacher, institute teacher and most recently counselor in the Stake RS presidency. Liz is a marriage guidance counselor by profession specializing in sexual addiction, and is  also strong and outspoken feminist.  Pete has also served a mission, has been a bishop and a counselor on the stake presidency and most recently served as a stake high counselor. Pete has lead the MBA programme at the University of Canterbury and consults and coaches senior managers and CEO’s on organizational change and leadership. He is the author of two important books on leadership, The Dance of Leadership and The Spirit of Leadership.


In this podcast we will riff on life as Mormons in a small city on the outskirts of the world; We will discuss this particular Mormon moment and the challenges that we face as a community in conflict, and we will talk about things of the spirit and the things of Christ as we look for ways to heal our church communities from the strain of ideological partisanship and lives that are often too busy for compassion.


  1. Leonie

    It’s 3am here in Cambridge but we couldn’t wait to listen once we saw that your interview had been posted.

    Your insights have hit quite a few nails on the head. We enjoyed the conversation very much. I am inspired.

    Gina, thanks for bringing more international voices onto A Thoughtful Faith. There is great diversity of experience in the church and I’m excited that you have broadened the offering to include voices we don’t often hear.

    We love you guys. Safe travels.

  2. Gail Nicolaysen-Shurtleff

    The marriage issue is so charged. I agree with what has been said here. I married at 39 and quite frankly in the U.S. there is a quiet “well now you are married welcome to the club” I don’t think I want this particular version of the club.

  3. Kevin

    A delightfully fresh take on the gospel viewed through the eyes of Liz and Pete. It’s hard to overestimate the value of a thoughtful chat about the gospel from outside the bubble of Utah and American perceptions and traditions. I think Jesus Christ has bigger plans for us all. Simpler, more powerful plans; uncorrelated plans. For the same reasons, stories of LDS members in Third World nations always command my attention. Do continue, Gina.

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