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062: A Thoughtful Faith Relaunch: Mark Crego and Gina Colvin

062: A Thoughtful Faith Relaunch: Mark Crego and Gina Colvin

Mark Crego pictureAfter nearly a year break, A Thoughtful Faith podcast is back! Mark Crego and Gina Colvin are taking over the administrative reins, as well as serving as co-hosts. We are also thrilled that longtime ATF host Sarah Collett will continue conducting interviews.

This “get to know the new team members” episode is Gina Colvin picturehosted by Open Stories Foundation board member Dan Wotherspoon and features Mark and Gina sharing the broad outlines (and many specifics!) about their own faith journeys within Mormonism, as well as about their plans for the podcast going forward.


  1. Brian Dillman

    This is great! It was really nice to get to know Mark and Gina a bit more. I really look forward to some new and expansive discussions on all the possibilities of our faith.

  2. Kevin

    A welcome reemerging of the podcast. I’m very much looking forward to the thoughtful faith stories of my fellow travelers.Dan’s right–we got a twofer in hearing your stories, Gina and Mark.Gina, do you suppose Mark is also the second type of disciple envisioned by B.H. Roberts? Absolutely!

  3. Gail Nicolaysen-Shurtleff

    OH I am so glad that I took the time to listen. The two of you brightened my day. Gina I must pop down to Kiwi and give you a read. I myself and a U.S. citizen who has been living in the Europe since 1999. The “American Version” of Mormonism sure does need a great deal of work.

  4. Bryan Gee

    Marc, you mention a book that you had read in Colorado about different types of leaders. Yet I couldn’t make out the author or the title of the book. Are you willing to share?


  5. Michael

    These are difficult podcasts to listen to with unequal levels of microphone settings. Can barely hear the questions but then get blasted out by the discussion. Please adjust this so I can enjoy these conversations without going deaf. Thanks!

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