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041-042: Dan McDonald and Gethsemanesia

041-042: Dan McDonald and Gethsemanesia

Dan McDonald is a husband, father, lawyer, author.  His book, Gethsemamnesia: Forgottenmcdonald[1] Lessons From Gethsemane, Golgotha and Beyond, chronicles the lessons he learned while dealing with a life threatening disease. The evolution of his faith has been shaped by his understanding of a savior who doubted and who experienced real fear.  In this interview we talk about his book, but also his faith and his dedication to Christ.  Dan has a very refreshing view of the gospel, developed through hardship and trial.  I hope that you will listen and enjoy.


  1. David Nicolay

    Sarah, good job finding this guy. I loved this interview. I felt like I was listening to myself being interviewed, albeit a much better read and more articulate version of myself. Dan, you’ve just sold another copy of your book. Thank you for writing it. For years my experience with God was missing something. Turns out it was his humanity. Things like need for others, fear, anxiety, doubt, a god who could really relate with me, or as I put it now, a god who couldn’t see over the wall any better than the rest of us. I love hearing you talk about your experiences and I’m excited to read your book. This is now one of my favorite episodes.

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