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022: Bob Rees – Forgiving the Church and Loving the Saints

022: Bob Rees – Forgiving the Church and Loving the Saints

robert_rees_300Bob Rees and I recorded this interview a little while ago. I’ve been holding on to it, hoping to release it to our audience at the right moment. This past week I re-listened to our conversation and found myself moved and enlightened all over again by Bob’s wisdom and insight. Though I don’t know what’s special about this week, for some reason the timing feels right. I hope you will enjoy Bob’s perspective on Mormonism as well as his take on faith crisis and how to successfully engage with the Modern Church as an unconventional Mormon.

Bob Rees is no stranger to the Intellectual Mormon community. He was the second editor of Dialogue, and has been contributing to to progressive Mormon thought and scholarship most of his life.  We hope our listeners enjoy Bob’s unique approach. Please leave us your comments and feedback below.

DISCLAIMER: This audio was a low-resolution recovery of Bob’s interview, and so the quality may be a little spotty. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Why I Stay
Forgiving the Church and Loving the Saints
The Goodness of the Church


  1. I am so pleased to hear this interview, especially since I haplessly missed hearing Bob speak in Seattle during recent visits. Its so very nice to hear some constructive ideas on how to stay in the church and I find that I employ many of them. Thank goodness for intellectual Mormonism found outside of meetinghouses.

  2. Micah, I was not sure who Bob Rees is, when it dawned on me that this is the one and only Robert Rees whose name I have seen on bylines and mastheads!

    You might consider changing his name on the title to the one more recognizable for the benefit of those of us who only know him through his formal first name.

  3. Rachel

    Loved this podcast, and the idea that in addition to the Church being “of Jesus Christ, it is also “of the Latter Day Saints”, so we should not be passive, always waiting to be told what to do. We can do many good things of our own free will (agents to act, not always acted upon, perhaps?). And that the Church needs us! Very affirming.

    1. Jason F

      +1 to Rachel’s comment, the distinction that can be made from the name itself also caught my attention.

      Overall I felt like this podcast was what the recent Mormon Stories podcast with Ralph Hancock was trying to be, but I appreciated the comments and approach of Bob Rees very much more. Thank you for taking the time for this interview.

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