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008: The Wisdom and Faith of Thomas Alexander

008: The Wisdom and Faith of Thomas Alexander

In this interview with our own Sarah Collett, Dr. Thomas G. Alexander covers the broad spectrum of his many historical writings and research. From Post Manifesto Polygamy, to Mormons in American Politics, to the Word of Wisdom, and Evolution, Dr. Alexander provides an overview of many topics of interest within contemporary Mormon Scholarship.

Dr. Alexander’s thoughts and research provide an interesting examination of how revelation, doctrine, culture, and human weakness connect and intermingle into the inspiring yet imperfect religious movement of Mormonism. Thomas Alexander explains how his awareness of what can be complicated and challenging issues have broadened and deepened his own connection to Mormonism. He stands as a brilliant model of thoughtful belief, and has provided our community an amazing legacy of wisdom, faith, and scholarship.

We would like to offer our sincere thanks and gratitude for Dr. Thomas G. Alexander for taking the time to share his thoughts with us and our listeners. Enjoy.

Dr. Thomas G. Alexander is an American and Mormon Historian, and professor emeritus of Brigham Young University. Please review the links below for content referenced in this podcast and other information about Dr. Alexander.


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  1. eric

    well done interview. In my estimation mormonism in Transition is an essential for any serious student of mormonism or any mormon as a serious student of his/her own religion. I think that more time should have been given to discuss the very important discussion that T Alexander notes in his book about what essentially amounted to a federal government ‘bailout’ of the church owned sugar enterprises throughout Utah and Idaho during the 30’s and 40’s. This is a little discussed parallel to today’s economic debates over government involvement in private enterprise for the greater good (in the case of extraordinary systematic failure as during the economic crisis which came to a head in 2008). Fascinating because T Alexander is one of the few sources (of which I know) that has accurately documented the history of this situation would would undoubtedly be considered a deep embarassement if not outright denied by the tea party republican mormons of today.

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