204: Can you really be a Mormon woman?: Jenne Erigero Alderks

Jenne de Normandie Eregiro Alderks was a teen convert from Unitarian Universalism.  When she joined the LDS church her mother, knowing somewhat of the strict gender roles in Mormonism, asked her,  ‘Can you really be a Mormon woman?’


Jenne has spent many years trying to do exactly that and her efforts to be a Mormon woman have surprisingly led her to seek feminist spiritual practices outside of the faith.  This quest has taken her to temple studies, paganism and Gnosticism as supplements to her spiritual life.


One of the hallmarks of the restoration was Joseph Smith’s openness to other spiritual traditions and ideas and this seeking has been kept alive in Mormon feminism.  Jenne’s spiritual seeking is part of a rich intergenerational tradition of Mormon women who quietly keep the faith’s mystical roots alive.
Jenne is one of the founders of LDS Wave and Birthing Zion.   She works as a doula and lives in Seattle Washington.



2 comments for “204: Can you really be a Mormon woman?: Jenne Erigero Alderks

  1. Sean McKee
    September 5, 2017 at 1:15 am

    Great interview! Sister Alderks, go ahead and teach, it sounds like what you will be teaching is LOST doctrine, not false doctrine.

  2. Jenne
    October 15, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    Thank you Sean! I have a particular interest in lost doctrine and I greatly appreciate Elder Uctdorf recognizing and informing the church that the restoration is not yet over and there is still more to come.

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