217: How Patriarchy Hurts Men and Boys: Wendy Christian

Manhattan-based Psychotherapist Wendy Christian discusses patriarchy in the LDS Church and how this system hurts everyone including men and boys.




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  1. Mary Jo
    November 21, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Listening to your discussion about girls camp and wearing bathing suits with t shirts. Reminded me of when I went to girls camp (in the hot California heat). We were not allowed to wear shorts! We had to wear jeans and it was so unbearably hot. I think we would see the priesthood leader maybe once a day in the evenings so I am not sure who they were trying to protect us from? I have always felt that when among other women we all kind of let our hair down and relax. These were my peers and classmates, we would always change in front of one another and often times we would all go skinny dipping so then being forced to wear pants was soo ridiculous and confusing. Upon further reflection I cannot remember if we were forced to wear shirts over bathing suits?

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