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359: When a Woman’s Professional Expertise Becomes a Question of LDS Apostasy: Natasha Helfer

Natasha Helfer (LCMFT, CST, CSTS )is a licensed clinician and mental health professional who has been summoned to a LDS Church trial for her public stance on sexual health. Taking offence at the idea that …

272: A Māori Reflection on LDS Church Culture and Discipline: Mahuika, Rangiwai, Hikairo

Without any effort to contextualize or indigenize the LDS Church in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Māori are often asked to accept ways of being that get imported from Utah.  This ‘Utah’ worldview is  presented to LDS Māori …

212: The Trouble with Excommunication: Ian Thomson

Ian Thomson is a public defender in Boise, Idaho. In this podcast, we deconstruct the ideology and practice of excommunication.  We also discuss how enmeshed LDS excommunication is with the US judicial system.