193: God, the Image of God, Theosis, Sex and Godly Creation: Blaire Ostler

Blaire Ostler joins me to discuss God.

God as feminine and masculine; God in Mormon theology; God as a plurality; God as a creator; God without the biological need to procreate; the God of our own imagination …and much more.






    1. Tam Johnston

      Since spoke to priesthood in Aus… says women hold priesthood in the temple (not heard that verbalised by a male member ever in my years)
      … speaking to my aunt… who is researching bible only at present.. suggests since Saviour came we actually all have divine natures enough to just know stuff and no priesthood authority exists… we are all just Men and Women… also… Sister Eubank’s talk, This is a Woman’s church… still buoying me up to speak and talk to many.. so proud of us all (this earth) for speaking from the rooftops in these times xx xo

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