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Category: <span>Spiritual and Sexual Abuse and Churches</span>

240: A Feminist Response to Church Sexual Abuse: Staheli-Hanks & Brown Edmunds

Mormon feminist writers and commentators Sara Katherine Staheli-Hanks and Tresa Brown Edmunds respond to the MTC President sex-scandal, and generally to the problem of sexual abuse in the LDS Church.

238: How we ended up living in Warren Jeff’s house: Glyn & Jena Jones

A couple of years ago Jena and Glyn Jones sold up everything they had and went on the road on a hunch that God had a mission for them.   On their last dollars, and to …

234: The Plural Marriage Revelation and its Nauvoo Context: William V. Smith

William V. Smith joins me to discuss his forthcoming book, ‘Textual Studies of the Doctrine and Covenants:  The Plural Marriage Revelation.’ Section 132 continues to be a thorn in the side of the LDS church, …

225: Finding a Faithful Leadership Response to Faith Crisis: Richard Tenney & Ganesh Cherian

Two former Bishops, who have both experienced a faith crisis, respond to the question:  ‘How can LDS leaders behave more sensitively and with more wisdom to those experiencing a faith crisis?’

212: The Trouble with Excommunication: Ian Thomson

Ian Thomson is a public defender in Boise, Idaho. In this podcast, we deconstruct the ideology and practice of excommunication.  We also discuss how enmeshed LDS excommunication is with the US judicial system.

204: Civil Dialogue in Difficult Times: Rich Vial

Rich Vial is a Republican representative in the Oregan State Legislature.  He’s also a former Mormon bishop who went through a faith crisis during his tenure.  In this episode, we discuss how to go about …

153: Daniel Parkinson & Tom Christofferson: LGBTQ Youth Suicide: A Discussion

In the last week the LDS community has been devastated by the suicides of several LGBT youth.  Because of the closeness of many in our community to the grieving families there has been an outpouring …