370: The LDS Church and its Legal Machinations Part One: Neville Rochow QC

Photo Credit: Woody Hibbard @ Flickr

Australian barrister Neville Rochow QC has offered the LDS Church legal advice over the years and has appeared for the church at parliamentary committees on the question of religious freedom.   For two years, he also represented the church at the European Parliament in Brussels.

He has been intimately involved in the church’s legal concerns and is well versed in how its legal machinery works, particularly internationally.

In part one of this series, Neville joins me to discuss the LDS Church and its legal machinations.  In this episode he offers an overview of the US church in the international legal arena.




  1. G Campbell Macneachdainn

    This was interesting and a little weird. So he was trying to counter “the free ride for the Yes” to gay marriage? Sorry but there has been no free ride for ANY gay rights in any country. Trying to separate the legal process from the social, criminal law, and history is pretty much a stretch. As for redefining marriage… the LDS church is a master are redefining sexual relations and marriage is a casualty.

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