324: Reconstruction, Deconstruction and Spiritual Formation: Gina Colvin

Photo Credit: ‘Spirituality’ by Christof Timmerman @ Flickr

One of the most important issues confronting those who have left fundamentalist faith traditions is what to do about their faith life.

In this episode, I discuss deconstruction and reconstruction from a personal perspective for those who are curious about how others proceed across the bridge of what once was to a new phase of faith and into a reconstructed spiritual life. 

Of course, one’s faith reconstruction will be done on one’s own terms and in one’s own way, but it might be useful to hear another’s story!




  1. David

    Great faith journey synthesis, what are the words are you saying at the beginning of each podcast?

    Is it? “Oh my, how do I welcome you to A thoughtful faith Podcast?”

    The second alternative and more likely conjecture is that those first words are Maori for:
    “Noi Mai Howdomai” Welcome to A thoughtful faith podcast.

    Care to explain?

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