375: Let’s Cancel Christmas! Nicola Petty

If you love Christmas, then this episode isn’t for you. 

Credit: Kevin Dooley @flickr

But, if you or someone you know doesn’t approach Christmas with merriment and cheer, then this conversation between me and my good friend Nicola Petty might be worth listening to.

Both of us are avowed Grinches. As a concession to those who have to put up with our annual disagreeableness, we try to identify our points of dislike for Xmas. 

We tackle the question, ‘Can Christmas be redeemed?’

374: Trauma & Moral Injury in Mormonism: Dr. Sean Aaron

At Syracuse University, moral injury is defined as, “… the damage done to one’s conscience or moral compass when that person perpetrates, witnesses, or fails to prevent acts that transgress one’s own moral beliefs, values, …