361: American Excommunication: Spencer Wells & Isaac Barnes May

Religious history scholars, Spencer Wells and Isaac Barnes May, seek to put the recent ex-communication/name removal of Natasha Helfer from the LDS Church into the broader context of church boundary maintenance in America.

360: Perfoming Art with Bread: Andi Pticher Davis

As a performance artist, Andi has been feeding her culture with bread for many years.  She bakes, graffitis and gifts her bread warm to those in need. Artistically weaving mountains, fire, lament, and bread comes …

359: When a Woman’s Professional Expertise Becomes a Question of LDS Apostasy: Natasha Helfer

Natasha Helfer (LCMFT, CST, CSTS )is a licensed clinician and mental health professional who has been summoned to a LDS Church trial for her public stance on sexual health. Taking offence at the idea that …

358: The Spiritual Advice Line With Katie Langston: March 2021

This month, our discussion comes from listeners’ questions about; white supremacy, intra-faith marriage, community belonging, spirituality and the true church! (photo credit: Shital Kandar ‘Spirituality’ @Flickr)