229: Mormons and the Historical Jesus: Judith and James McConkie

Co-authors Judith and James McConkie discuss their breakthrough historical Jesus primer for Mormons;  ‘Whom Say Ye That I am?: Lessons from the Jesus of Nazareth. From Kofford Books: The story of Jesus is frequently limited to the telling of the babe of…

228: Mormons and Meditation: Thomas McConkie

Mindfulness teacher; author of ‘Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis’,  and Founder of the Lower Lights Sangha, Thomas McConkie,  joins Gina to discuss contemplative Mormonism and some of the spiritual practices that are attached to the contemplative traditions. Thomas also offers January…

226 & 227: Prophets and Prophecy from the outside and the inside: Rev’d Megan Herles-Mooar & Chris Kimball

With all of the chatter happening in Mormon circles about Prophets, Apostles and Presidents I talk to two people about prophets and prophecy. In Episode 226, Rev’d Megan Herles-Mooar, an Anglican priest and theologian talks about Walter Brueggemann’s ‘The Prophetic Imagination’…

225: Finding a Faithful Leadership Response to Faith Crisis: Richard Tenney & Ganesh Cherian

Two former Bishops, who have both experienced a faith crisis, respond to the question:  ‘How can LDS leaders behave more sensitively and with more wisdom to those experiencing a faith crisis?’

224: January Homily: Divine Absence: Gina Colvin

The 2018 A Thoughtful Faith Podcast theme is ‘Faithful Change.’  Every month we provide a Homily, a meditation on spiritual matters.  For January Gina shares a reflection on Divine Absence.

223: Motherhood on the Big Tent Side of Mormonism: Rebecca Sachiko Burton

In a frank discussion, Rebecca Sachiko Burton talks about being the mother of seven children, and how she manages parenting with wisdom and openness on the ‘Big Tent’ side of Mormonism.

004: The Cheeky Mormon Movie Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Derrick Clements and Gina Colvin give a quick nod to Thor: Ragnarok and then provide a thoroughly Mormon review of Star Wars VIII.

222: Further Gendering the Temple Baptistry: Joanna Smith & Paula Baker

Mormon Temple policy doesn’t change a great deal from year to year, so the 14 December 2017 announcement that extends the rights of Baptistry officiation to 16-17-year-old boys was a surprise. While this might bring gasps of pleasure for the…

221: Mormon Women at Divinity School: Fatimah Salleh & Katie Langston

It seems most unMormon for anyone to receive a call to ministry.  Mormons are supposed to wait for someone in the church to extend that call and as things stand no call for women in the LDS Church involves ordination.  But…