Category: Mormon theology

131: Greg Prince: Analyzing this Mormon Moment

“I don’t know the way forward yet.  I think that it’s going to be a combination of people at the top exercising their inspiration and the people at the bottom exercising their inspiration as well and somehow coming to a…

120: Got a Sermon October 2015

This week our sermons come from Trace Rogers, (Come Unto Christ),   Doug Christensen (Holiness), and Fatimah Salleh (An Introduction to the Book of Mormon).  

110: Mormonism, Liberation Theology and Womanism: A conversation with Fatimah Salleh and Janan Graham

One of the most bewildering dilemmas in LDS theology is the lack of attention to social justice.  Yet born out the black experience in the US has been a compelling theology of liberation where Christianity is rooted in the experiences of…