Category: Mormon Culture

240: A Feminist Response to Church Sexual Abuse: Staheli-Hanks & Brown Edmunds

Mormon feminist writers and commentators Sara Katherine Staheli-Hanks and Tresa Brown Edmunds respond to the MTC President sex-scandal, and generally to the problem of sexual abuse in the LDS Church.

239: Improving Women’s Ministry in the LDS Church: Dipadova-Stocks, Otteson, Hall

Laurie Dipadova-Stocks, a former Stake Relief Society President; Royleane Otteson, a former Ward Relief Society President, and Laurie Lee Hall a former Stake President and now an excommunicated transwoman attending Relief Society discuss women’s ministry in the LDS Church. They…

237: Finding Jesus All Over Again: Hagen & Otteson: The Lent Series

Faith change or Impasse is often met with a resistance to our early life stories of the Divine. In this Lent series episode #3 Katie Hagen and Steve Otteson talk about rediscovering Jesus, finding new stories of the Christ and…

236: Hope and Change for the LDS Church: Is it all worth it? Jana Spangler and Peter Bleakley

In this episode, Jana Spangler (Salt Lake City) and Peter Bleakley (London) have a hard conversation about what is troubling the LDS Church and they seek to grapple with these questions:   Is there any hope for change in the LDS…

235: When Forgiveness is More: The Lent Series

Thomas Merton poses a question for Lent, “Where do we turn for Forgiveness?” In this panel discussion from the ‘Mormon Lenten Study Group’, Jennifer Koski, Sara Bybee Fisk and Elisabeth Boothe join me to revisit the idea of forgiveness as…

230: Race and the Making of The Mormon People: Max Mueller

How racist was Joseph Smith?  Can the LDS Church really claim Jane Manning James as an example of Joseph Smith’s progressive ideals?  There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Joseph Smith had a theological imagination for Indigenous Americans, but what…

229: Mormons and the Historical Jesus: Judith and James McConkie

Co-authors Judith and James McConkie discuss their breakthrough historical Jesus primer for Mormons;  ‘Whom Say Ye That I am?: Lessons from the Jesus of Nazareth. From Kofford Books: The story of Jesus is frequently limited to the telling of the babe of…

225: Finding a Faithful Leadership Response to Faith Crisis: Richard Tenney & Ganesh Cherian

Two former Bishops, who have both experienced a faith crisis, respond to the question:  ‘How can LDS leaders behave more sensitively and with more wisdom to those experiencing a faith crisis?’

223: Motherhood on the Big Tent Side of Mormonism: Rebecca Sachiko Burton

In a frank discussion, Rebecca Sachiko Burton talks about being the mother of seven children, and how she manages parenting with wisdom and openness on the ‘Big Tent’ side of Mormonism.

004: The Cheeky Mormon Movie Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Derrick Clements and Gina Colvin give a quick nod to Thor: Ragnarok and then provide a thoroughly Mormon review of Star Wars VIII.