249: In the Restoration’s Cross-currents: Kirtland and its Legacy: Tom Kimball

Kirtland is a singular place in the history of the LDS movement.    The Kirtland Temple once stood as a symbol of a faith that shattered and splintered upon Joseph Smith’s death.   Now it’s a powerful symbol of a shared history and language of faith rooted in multiple denominations.   As a spiritual home to many, the Kirtland Temple, cared for by the Community of Christ, is remarkable in its power and the Community of Christ’s willingness to gather in all expressions of the Restoration.

Tom Kimball joins me to talk about the Kirtland Temple or as she is affectionately known, ‘Grandmother’.




  1. Jean

    Really nice job from two of my favorite online friends. That connection is very real isn’t it? My husband’s ancestors came west via the ‘Mountain Church’ – I wonder if any of them stayed behind.
    I would love to take a tour of the temple and I’m really happy for you Gina that you were found ‘worthy’ enough to attend and that you felt that connection. I love to hear all the different perspectives.

  2. Lindsey

    Is there any way to download the song from your podcast by Modoka Ogitani, Chelan Hunt and the Lower Lights? My son loves that song when he’s with me and I love to sing it to him, and I love you! Your podcasts and study of Mormonism and theology is inspiring and has given me me the courage to share my voice and encouragement to move forward with my own faith journey that may differ from the mainstream Mormon church.

    1. Gina Colvin

      Hey Lindsay,

      Roots Rising is a Dutch band that my son plays in. It is on Spotify and the song I play is ‘Struggle and Fight’. I think you find them elsewhere like Amazon. I don’t think they have video for that particular song! Glad you enjoy it, and glad you enjoy the podcast. G

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